The Fish Doctor is in!

Welcome to my blog!

Can you imagine an ocean empty of fish? I can.

I’m a scientist, a marine biologist. I travel the world, dive and work in many of its oceans. Here I share my knowledge and adventures with you – to serve, inform and inspire you – activate your curiosity about our oceans, and their fish.

In this blog I write about why the oceans and fish are in trouble and the choices you can make to save them (and us).

We explore fishing (commercial and recreational) and the old/new practice of Aquaculture or fish-farming.

I give you the inside scoop on wild-caught versus farm-raised fish. What to buy, what to avoid, and where you can get more information.

From thirty years of working on and around the oceans, at fish farms, and teaching marine biology in the classroom, I answer questions from the shopper at the fish counter, the TED talk watcher, and the student.

In this blog, I explore why fish are good for your health. Today doctors recommend eating fish three times a week because of the healthy fats or Omega-3s. But with over 32,000 species of fishes, not ALL have what you need, and are better left in the oceans – than on your plate.

Wouldn’t you like to know more about the fish you choose to eat for dinner?

…In addition to being a research scientist, I write poetry, am a photographer and a university teacher (See the About me page for my creds).

Here, I post some poems (see Dinner Dilemma), pictures from my adventures in Canada, the Caribbean and around the world. I take you to a fish farm in Texas, and one in Mexico high in the mountains, where they grow rainbow trout.

We journey to the deep oceans, where life likely began on Earth, but where deep-sea fishing may put an end to it.

For fun, I invite other scientists, explorers, friends and colleagues who study the oceans to guest post on this blog. So you hear other voices why they love the oceans and are fighting to save them.

What question about fish or the oceans won’t let you sleep at night?

Let me hear from you…


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